Ready Lawn and Artificial Turf

Ready Lawn in Auckland

Do you want to get an instant lawn in your garden? Our Ready Lawn service is the perfect solution. Ready Lawn is a rolled lawn solution that we bring to your property. We then roll it out in sections, completely filling your space with lush, healthy, and beautifully green grass.

There are multiple grass variations to choose from, plus Ready Lawn is a suitable solution regardless of the contours or slopes of your outside space.

As we have extensive experience installing Ready Lawn in properties and gardens of all size, you can be sure the job will be done right. To find out more about Ready Lawn and our Ready Lawn installation services, please contact us today.

Artificial Turf

Another option you have available if you want an instant lawn is to install artificial turf. Artificial turf offers additional benefits too, including the fact it is maintenance free. This means you can spend all your time enjoying your outside space rather than working to maintain it.

Other benefits of artificial turf include:
  • Save water as you won't ever have to water the grass again
  • Ideal for children and pets
  • Perfect for locations that get a lot of use, i.e. locations where grass struggles to grow
  • Doesn't need pesticides or weed killers
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