Planting Shrubs, Flowers, Trees, and More in Auckland

Do you want to plant new shrubs, flowers, trees, or hedges in your garden? Whatever you want to plant and whatever look you want to achieve, we can help at AJ's with our planting services.

Firstly, we can give you advice on the best things to plant in your garden based on the size of area you have available, the amount of time you want to spend caring for the plant, and the look you want to achieve.

We can then complete the planting work for you. This includes preparing the soil before planting to ensure the roots take hold. Plus, we can supply the plants for your garden, or we can work with whatever plants, flowers, etc you already have.

In fact, our planting services are the best way to make your garden look fantastic. Get in touch today.

Reasons to Choose Us
  • Extensive knowledge of plants and their viability in particular situations
  • Knowledge of soil compositions too, as well as what should be done to ensure the soil is ready for planting
  • Highly experienced in planting in small and large garden areas
  • Excellent customer service and competitive prices
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Planting is hard work, but you don’t have to worry about that when you come to us. All you need to do is enjoy the new plants in your garden once we’re done.

To get a FREE and no-obligation planting quote, please call us on 021 778 460.

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